Palm Springs Modernism Design Expo Recap


The Palm Springs Convention Center was packed this past weekend with the Palm Springs Modernism Design Expo & Sale! Hundreds of people came by my booth to look and talk about my work. The Preview Party of Friday night was full of color (the outfits!), excitement and lots of wonderful people. 

I sold a lot of pieces in the series, "A ROUND PALM SPRINGS." I am taking commissions to photograph people's houses/properties around Palm Springs in the "Small Worlds" style. Feel free to contact me if you would like to consider this for yourself. All pieces are unique and fun.

I am also doing commissions for my series, "Heads" by photographing models (you, a family member or friend) and compositing a plastic animal head onto the body. Another unique and fun project. Contact me to discuss if this would be something you'd like to try.


Signage Project Prep

I've been photographing signage in Palm Springs, CA. The designers put a lot of thought in design into their signs and I'm inspired by the graphics, typography and colors. This will end up as a multi-image piece. Stay tuned!


Cabazon Powwow

I appreciate Native Indian traditions, dance and culture. I was invited to attend the annual Cabazon Powwow in Indio, CA. The people, clothing, colors, and joy were heart-warming and inspirational. Here are a few photos that I took of the event.

Desert X installation

Sherin Guirguis, One I Call

Located in Whitewater, CA, Guirguis's sculpture is modeled after "traditional pigeon towers found throughout the desert villages of Egypt," says Guirguis. ( 

Surrounding Guirguis's art installation are the mountains of the Whitewater Preserve. This Small World piece reminds me of an asteroid, here on earth. The snowy peaks are seen in the distance.


Desert X

Phillip K. Smith III, Circle of Land and Sky. 

Desert X, a new biennial art exhibition in the Coachella Valley, CA, is a huge hit -- with over 100,000 visitors so far. Most of the art is spread across the valley with over 15 sites to explore -- mostly outdoors. I was especially interested in visiting Smith's site in Palm Desert for it's 360 degree installation of mirrored poles embedded in the sand at 10 degree angles, creating reflections of the surrounding landscape -- sky, mountains, sand, people. The time of day gives visitors different perspectives. I plan to go back at sunset for reds and oranges. This is one of my newest works in the series, Small Worlds.

Phillip K. Smith III, Circle of Land and Sky

Joshua Tree National Park

Mid-January, 2017 trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Working on fine art project based on the landscapes including juxtapositions of boulders, Joshua trees, cacti, brush, rocks, and sand. These photos are for inspiration and reference for bigger project in the works. 

 The Helmet

The Helmet

 Sleeping Lioness

Sleeping Lioness

 WC Fields  ©Taylor Mickle 2017. All Rights Reserved.

WC Fields

©Taylor Mickle 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Birch Aquarium, San Diego, CA

I visited the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego this past winter. The variety of sea life is spectacular. It's tricky taking photos of moving beings through glass but here are some of my favorites.

 Yellow Jellyfish

Yellow Jellyfish

 Jellyfish Streamers

Jellyfish Streamers

 Orange fish Entangled

Orange fish Entangled